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7-day walking in the wilderness of south Norrland.

Address: Bruksvägen 3c, 81695 Åmotsbruk Show map

Address: Bruksvägen 3c, 81695 Åmotsbruk

Do you want to discover the wilderness in South Norrland? This 7-day package is for you who wants to discover beautiful nature and old Cultures.

This 7-day package is for especially made for guests that are looking for a mixture of beautiful nature and old cultures.

When you arrive in our B&B we will welcome you with an organic dinner in our bed and breakfast. Jeroen and Sam, your hosts will explain you about what you can expect during your stay in Åmotsbruk, a small rural village in South Norrland.

After an organic breakfast the next morning, your guide Björn will be waiting for you. Björn is a local inhabitant of Åmot and knows the surrounding forests very well. During a 3-hour guided walk, Björn will explain you what the nature has to offer. He will tell you stories about the old cultures that have been living in this part of Sweden, called Finnskogen. He will show you old mystical places that have long been forgotten.

After your walk you can relax in the recently renovated bed and breakfast or jump into one of the many lakes in and around Åmot.

The next 4 days you will be walking on yourself. You will receive a GPS with in total 10 maps of half-day walks in the forests around Åmot. Each walk is different and the GPS will not only show you the way, it will also show you additional information on the mystical places you will see during your walks.

During your stay you can also opt-in for using our wellness, a moose safari, a fishing trip and much more.

In the package we have carefully selected the following:

• 7 overnights in a double standard room in the bed and breakfast
• A 3-course dinner on the day of arrival
• Breakfast every morning
• A guided walk with Björn, your guide on day 1
• A GPS for the days 2 until 5

Åmotsbruk is a small village in South Norrland, Gävleborgs Län, Sweden. We are a proud village with around 300 inhabitants. Besides a bed and breakfast, Stilleben also offers high standard cottages and a long lists of wilderness activities. We are open yearround.
For this package we collaborate with a local specialist called Björn. He knows the forest around Åmot very well and now he wants to guide our guests. He has developed a network of 10 half-day walks, perfect for medium trained walkers. Also families with children can enjoy this.
Besides walking our guests can enjoy the many lakes surrounding the village, perfect for swimming.

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